grumpy cat

I’ll admit it, this photo has nothing to do with me or my mood, I’m just really obsessed with “grumpy cat” right now. Have you SEEN this video of “Tarder Sauce” talking? (Yup, Tarter Sauce is the name of this viral cat) If not, here is the video and you are welcome.

In other news, I have been eating a helluva a lot of delicious things lately. I made this delicious recipe I saw while browsing  Fine Cooking Magazine. I think I really need a subscription to that, everything looks amazing. I’ll admit a friend actually made this first, and at the time, I was just too stuffed to eat a bite, so I added to my mental “must make” list. My favorite part of this was the tomato sauce. I thought it tasted like “Indian Spaghetti sauce”. I would be curious to try this in the crockpot, however, since I think chicken is always more tender when its slow cooked. I cooked this in my cast iron dutch oven to follow the recipe closer of cooking it on the stovetop. Here’s what mine turned out like.


And the recipe from Fine Cooking.

Despite the weather being completely frigid, I’ve been on a kick of cold cereal for breakfast lately. What can I say? A good tip for fresh berries all year? Buy the giant frozen bags. I get mine at Target for about 10 bucks and just warm it up in the microwave for a little under a minute or on the stove top just until thawed. Trader Joe’s also has wild blueberries in their frozen section that are pretty outstanding.


Weeks ago I stumbled on something that looked super simple and awesome on She has a healthy living/cooking/lifestyle blog that is full of great workout and recipe ideas. When I saw this Loaded Baked Potato Chicken Salad my head nearly exploded. And let me tell you, it was just as tasty and roasty toasty as it looks. Did I mention it has bacon? I forgot to take picture of my version, but you can find her post and recipe here.

And then there was this glorious pan of lasagna that happened last night. Must say it went perfectly with red wine and  a Mad Men marathon on Netflix.


On the workout front, I’ve been trying to stay interested with my treadmill runs. I’ve decided that I need to break it up so I don’t bore myself to tears. I’ve found lots of good workouts on Pinterest. Most involve intervals and I think my speed if definitely improving. Today I finally went for a run OUTSIDE because it was a balmy 36 degrees here this morning. I have the little Map My Run App on my phone, so I can keep track of my distance, time and pace that way. I managed to keep a steady 9 minute mile pace which I was happy with. Once it gets warmer, I’d like to be able to race closer to 8:30 min miles, but we shall see. Interval workouts do make a difference, I’m telling you. For any runner who hasn’t tried interval training of any kind yet, please do. It makes even your normal “easy” pace seem easier.

Do you do any speedwork to increase your running abilities? Any new comfort food recipes?